Concrete Curing Membranes

Concrete curing membranes form an impervious film to prevent excessive cement hydration, minimise shrinkage and increase the durability of the concrete surface.

Concord Industrial Coatings specialise in applying A.C. 90, blends of Acrylic modified emulsions and surfactants that are specially formulated to cure freshly laid concrete, whether they are textured, exposed, indoors or outdoors.

Benefits of Multicure A.C. 90

  • Complies with Australian Standards.
  • Achieves water retention of  90%
  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Eliminates the need for curing with plastic, hessian or water
  • Reduces concrete dusting
  • One coat application
  • Will not change the colour of concrete
  • Equipment washes out in water
  • Non yellowing
  • When applied at the correct application serves as a temporary sealer against oils and other contaminants and reduces the need for harsh cleaning with detergents or Acids.
  • Compatible with most after trades such as glues, paints toppings, 100% Acrylic sealers, Wattyl “Trade Classic ”Anti-Graffiti coating & some Epoxy  Coatings. Check with a Concord Industrial Coatings Representative.

Sealer/Hardener Curing to AS 3799.

There are no Protocols established to test any Sealer/Hardeners to A.S.T.M. C 309 or A.S 3799 only membrane Curing Aids can be tested to these Standards, past history with concrete pours in excess of 1. 7 Million.m2. including pours of 2,500.m2. in the open at the Brisbane Port in summer have been cured with excellent results.

“Seal Hard” or “Lion Hard” will reduce moisture loss by 90% during the initial 24 Hours. (Australian Standard is 90% minimum 7 days) hence does not conform, should the Consulting Engineer insist that the concrete slabs are to be cured to AS 3799, “Multicure AC 90” Curing Membrane can be applied after the “Seal Hard” or “Lion Hard” has dried (approx. 30 minutes) this process will exceed AS. 3799.

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