Graffiti in general lowers the value of real estate, has high cleaning costs and may look messy.

Anti graffiti paint forms a protective barrier on surfaces at risk of graffiti paint or permanent marker ink. The barrier makes sure that the paint or ink does not adhere to the underlying wall but stays on the anti graffiti paint layer instead..

We service the following areas:

  • Brisbane City
  • Logan
  • East Brisbane
  • Western Suburbs
  • Gold Coast
  • Caboolture
  • Ipswich

Concord Coatings can recommend the best anti-graffiti coating for you. There are two types of coatings typically used:


For surfaces likely to experience graffiti frequently, we recommend the use of a permanent anti-graffiti coating, known as a non-sacrificial coating. These can endure up to 70 graffiti removals, as they form a water repellent surface where the graffiti cannot adhere.


For areas at a lower risk of graffiti, we recommend the use of a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating. These form a protective film which protects the surface underneath. Sacrificial coatings need to be replaced after each removal, therefore are most effective for areas not likely to be exposed to a high risk of graffiti.

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