Concord Coatings specialise and take pride within our company installing all types of caulking, internal and external joints using Silicone, Polyurethane and Fire Rated certified industrial sealants.

We use a variety of products from suppliers including Bostik, Sika and Dow Corning for all commercial and industrial projects.

What is Joint Sealing?

Joint sealing is the method of sealing joints in concrete pavements to prevent the entry of water into the substructure of the pavement.

Water infiltration will dramatically shorten the durability of concrete by allowing it to soften and become unstable.

Joint sealing of a concrete slab can prevent cracking by stopping the joints filling with non-compressible matter.

Unsealed joints may allow a concrete slab to sink and crack.

Joint sealing can defer and even eliminate the need for more expensive maintenance such as Slab Jacking/Stabilizing (Mud Jacking, Lifting, and Pressure Grouting).

As a result of joint sealing, the much more expensive cost of complete reconstruction of the concrete slabs can be avoided.

The use of joint sealing on a concrete pavement prior to an asphalt overlay slows and greatly reduces reflective cracking on the new pavement layer.

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