Concrete Sealer, Densifier, Dustproofer, Chemical Hardener & Curing Aid

Proud National Preferred Applicators for Seal Hard Australia.

Designed to increase the wear surface strength of concrete floors subject to pedestrian and vehicle traffic, Seal Hard floors last longer by deeply penetrating and becoming a part of the concrete.

Seal Hard densifies your floor for life and makes it resistant to scratching, dust, tyre marks, peeling or discoloration. Seal Hard floors provide a significant cost in maintenance costs over other floor treatments.

Seal Hard is odorless, environmentally safe and totally free of VOC solvents. Some treatments make floors more slippery but Seal Hard doesn’t alter the non-slip characteristics of the concrete finish.

As Seal Hard preferred applicators when applied by Concord Industrial Coatings, Seal Hard is backed by a rock-solid twenty year warranty.

Seal Hard is proudly applied in the following locations: