Designed to increase the wear surface strength of concrete floors subject to pedestrian and vehicle traffic,  chemical sealers and hardeners deeply penetrate and become a part of the concrete.


Concord Coatings specialise in the supply and application of concrete sealers which leave no coating on the surface which could peel, wear or chip.   Concord Coatings densify your floor for life and makes it resistant to scratching, dust, tyre marks, peeling or discoloration. This provides a significant cost in maintenance costs over other floor treatments.


The average life of untreated concrete is just 30 years. With the application of a product like Seal Hard, a concrete floor becomes permanent, with no retreatment needed.   Concord Coatings are recognised as national preferred applicators for this world-leading product, CONTACT US to learn more. 


There are a wide range of products available, each with its own advantages. Our experienced team can offer technical advice regarding which product will suit your project based on quality, longevity and budget.


Concord Coatings specialise in the application of concrete sealers to large industrial warehouses all across Australia.

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